Maximize your ROI with
Degrees@Work™ and Degrees@Work™ Family

Degrees@Work is the FCA-exclusive employee education program that has a proven record of increasing sales for enrolled dealerships. It is easy to toll-out and administer, and is offered at a low monthly cost to dealers.

  • Small Investment, Big Reward: One low monthly fee to cover an unlimited number of employees
  • Simple Roll Out Plan: Turnkey programs with experts to help you along the way
  • Proven Sales Impact: Participating dealers experience higher sales and lower turnover

Provide your employees with a no-cost, no-debt college degree.

Letter from Jim Arrigo, NDC Member

Learn why FCA National Dealer Council is so excited about Degrees@Work™


Attract and retain the highest level employees.

FCA US LLC wants to help you enhance your reputation as an employer of choice. Watch this video with John Fox that highlights the benefits of participating in Degrees@Work.

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